Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Isle of Gold by Seven Jane

Ok, this book may not be for everyone.  I totally enjoyed this book.  I even took my time to savor this story.  It was a delight to read a very different novel for once.  History (think of 1700s), missing woman, mad man captain, mythology, girl disguised as a lad, a beautiful ship with at least 5 masts, Caribbean  sea, islands, and mystery does this gal's heart good.  Love how the author tied in the story with the title.  Her prose is so beautiful causing me to absorb them gently and carefully. This isn't intended for a light reading but you'll be glad that you read this beautiful story.  Also, I love the cover.  Uniquely  designed and perfect for this novel!
 I received this copy from Net Galley and The Black Spots Books in an exchange for an honest review.

Note: I had finished this wonderful book and did a review back in August 30, 2018.  I just had to bring it up on here to share this great news!  Her book will be out in 6 days and I cannot wait to see what you guys think of her novel!!

Great news!  The author, Seven Jane announced that its on sale right noway for 99 cents at!   Here's the link:
Take an advantage of this deal!  I don't know own how long it'll last!  Enjoy!

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