Thursday, October 18, 2018

Book Love By Debbie Tung

Think Calvin and Hobbes comic  strips or books.  Then imagine this as a book. 

When this book is out published, I intend to purchase the hardcover. It's that GOOD!
Debbie Tung gets me as a book worm, book nerd, book lover, bookaholic, bibliophile, and bibliomaniac.  Debbie SO gets me!

I laughed, nodded with gusto, exclaimed "Truth!", cringed, giggled, and you name it. 

I love love love love this book with a passion!  This is one of my newest favorite books of all time and it WILL be on my real bookshelf!

For those who LOVE books, you have got to read this. You will relate to some, most and all of the book.  For me, it was ALL!

I cannot wait to have it in my hands physically!

I recieved this book from Andrew McMeel Publishing Comic and Graphic Novels through Net Galley.  Thank you so much! I'm going to read and read and read this comic book forever!

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