Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Cumberland Bride by Shannon McNear

I adore, I breath, I ravish, I live history.  I'm a major history buff.  I'm a history nerd/geek and proud of it!
 With that being said, I truly enjoyed this 5th book in Mayflower Brides series. The author took her time researching the territory and the trail in late 1700's.  With her words, I can actually visualize everything she penned down.  This had to be hard for her to write this because of the time period with the slaves and the indians.  I know for a fact in that time period, life was hard especially after the Revolutionary War where there were bitterness among the traitors and the Tories.
This is a light contemporary Christian romance novel.  It can be a stand-alone alone novel which I had no problem reading.  I normally don't care for romance but in this book, it was more realistic.
The traveling from Shenandoah Valley to Cumberland Gap to find a place to find a home was a breathtaking, mesmerizing, daring, and daunting task to travel by foot/horses in those days.  There was hardly any wagon in those days yet.  Covered wagons came later.  This is the period of time I would have so loved to live in that fresh clean wilderness.  I wouldn't mind the hardship because I would be embracing life.

I truly embraced living in the book for several hours.

The only problem I have with this book is at the beginning of the book where a genealogy tree was revealed.  Bear with me, I love family trees.  But I must not comprehending how that tree and the family in the story match up.  Am I missing g something here?
I'm going to give this book a low four stars because of the political correctness of the indians and the slavery.  I know the author held back because she wanted to focus more on other aspects of the book, rightfully so and the family tree which threw me off.  I applaud the author for doing her research on history, genealogy, and geography for this book.
I would not mind picking up earlier books and am looking forward to the next installments.  Cannot wait!

I received this adventurous ARC from Barbour Books through Net Galley in an exchange for my unbiased and honest review.  Thank you!

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