Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Haunted Hearts by Kimberly Dean

Okay, Since it's October, I decided to add this book to my TBR pile of thriller, horror, paranormal, and mystery for this month.

This book is short and full of romance which I could do a lot without.  However, the plot was surprisingly strong for this short novel.  It does contain paranormal and suspense. It was relatively a quick easy read (3 hours) for me.  It did send a slightly chill along my neck and couple of times which tells me the author is good with her prose.

If you're into strong romance along with paranormal and suspense with a beautiful house then this book is for you.
By the way, who can deny this gorgeous cover?
I'm going to give this novel  3 3/4 stars for a strong plot, ability to keep my attention, characters are likeable and relatable, goodles prose, and gorgeous cover.
I received this copy of ARC from Tiger Eye Publishing, LLC through Net Galley in an exchange for my honest review.  Thank you

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