Monday, October 15, 2018

Before We were Yours by Lisa Wingate

Oh! Oh!  Be still my heart and my soul!  Where do I start? I had to wait a full day before I could write my review.  
First of all, in the symposis, it stated this novel was based off a notorious true-life scandal. I've heard of horribly run orphanages and couple of ladies in the 1800s accepting babies, selling or killing them.  In this case, I've never heard of Tennessee Children's Home Society Orphanage and its' owner. My, what evil in those days.
This is the story of the beginning and the ending.  The is the story of past and present. This is the story of secrets waiting to be discovered by another generation of family.  This is the story of heartbreaks, tragedies, struggles, forgiveness, redemptions, and closing the circle even when not all the secrets are solved.
When I got to the end of the book, my heart and my soul: such sadness when thinking of all the missing children alive, dead, murdered, unaccounted, and  missing, not being able to reunited with their families all because of one woman and her powerful and political connections enabled this horrible evil to develop over the years.
Okay, getting back on track, this author eloquently weaved the present and the past together.  Her prose will tug and poke at your heart as you read.  You will feel every emotion imagainable.  You will have answers and questions and what ifs at the end of the book.  This novel will have you thinking of all the actual children at the horrific orphange and questioning their whereabouts.
I'd give it a low 4 stars.

I picked this book up at my local library to support them.  My reveiw is totally unbiased and honest.

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