Monday, October 29, 2018

Star Wars: Lando's Luck by Justina Ireland

Imgaine my delight when I was informed that I won this book.  I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan since it first came out. I even read the books in the 90s'.  I can never get tired of them. Lando happens to be one of the mysterious characters.  I've always wondered about his past.  I orginally thought I'd get some of the gist of his past and how he became the man he is.  Unfortunately that didn't happened. But.....there a piece of his past which is told by a woman.  
The illustrations were wonderfully and tastefully done on the cover and inside the book. The kids will enjoy them.
This story was so fun to read. It's perfect for middle graders and all ages!  I'm older and I really enjoyed it.  I saw that there is a collection which can be collected together. 
By the way, L3 was so my favorite. She cracks me up!  
Kudos to Justina Ireland! She's done it again!  I will most definately read Solo and the other books to this collection in the future AND I will start reading more of Justina Ireland's books in the future also.
I won this ARC in print from Disney Book Group through Bookish First. Thank you!

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