Sunday, January 27, 2019

Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse

Three words:


This is seriously one bad ass novel I've come across in a while! If you enjoy 
Urban Fantasy 
Postapocalyptic world
Indian folklore
Indian mythology
Former reservation
Badass protagonist
Medicine man
much more

Then you're so going to enjoy this novel!  I can't believe I didn't request this from Net Galley!  What is wrong with me?  At this moment, I'm glad I purchased this compelling novel when it was on sale, and it's so worth it!  This is staying on my shelf.

Seriously, the author needs to write many novels with this gifted monster killer.  The author shouldn't have this problem because there are so many stories in folklore she can use with Maggie.
This seriously reminds me of Mad Max, and Supernatural put together with great plots, sarcasm, save the innocents, etc. Rebecca did an excellent job with the landscape, folklore, Navajo names, and much more!
You won't regret getting this novel.

Like I said I want MORE!

I'm giving this fantastic novel a low five stars.

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