Thursday, January 24, 2019

Carolina of Orange-Nassau by Moniek Bloks

 Wow!  I want to say this author did an excellent job on researching on little known Dutch Royalty. I've heard of her from time to time when I read histories.  I had no idea many of the royalties descended from her across the European County.
This book was exciting and quick to read and understand. The only problem I had was to keep the family lineage and names straight.  I wish it had a royal lineage tree where I could refer to when in doubt.

 I adore history — one of my favorite subjects of all time. I almost didn't read this book because she was a princess. Truthfully, I can't stand a lot of Queens and Kings during those periods because they were selfish and in their worlds while my ancestors were murdered (beheaded and hung) or thrown in prison for their beliefs.  A couple of my ancestors were falsely accused of being witches.  They did nothing to help them or others.  

I understand why people are fascinated by Carolina because She's the "Grandmother of the European Royals (13 lineages).  Even though she died at a young age of 43 years, I don't find her that interesting.  Sure she was involved in music, children, redecorating, her young brother, etc., but what has she contributed to?  What has she done that makes her stand out.
The author was fortunate to examine and study all of her letters, along with her husband and relatives to get a clear picture of her personality and her life.  I would so dearly love to read those letters.

This book is an interesting read for a history buff.  There are famous figures there.  I would recommend to anyone who interested in royal history,

I'd give it a low four stars

I received this new ARC from Job Hunt Publishing, Ltd/ Chronos Books through Net Galley, Thank you.  I quite enjoyed this part of history!

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