Tuesday, January 22, 2019

How I Became a Spy by Deborah Hopkinson

This book was such a delight to read!  It is gear towards preteen and teenagers.  Adults will enjoy reading it.

It tells of a young boy during WWII and how he learned to be a spy.
I enjoyed learning how to be an amateur spy such as how to decipher a code, how to tell if someone is following you and how to lose the person.
This young hero has captured my heart. This story helped my imagination grow bigger.  I imagined being with him in the book.
This book that will help the YA understand the era of WWII and how it was for kids during that time. They will be able to see the horrors, courage, unlikely friendship, war, etc. through this brave hero's eyes.
I strongly recommend this novel for all young kids who are learning about WWII.  This is the novel which will pique their interest strongly, encouraging them to learn more about this era.
As I was reading this delightful novel, I felt like a kid all over again but yet being forced to mature as the war went on.  This is what reading a book should do to a reader, and this author did a great job of it.
I'd give this book a low four stars

I received this lovely ARC from Random House Children's/ Knopf Books for Young Readers through Net Galley. Thank you!

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