Saturday, February 2, 2019

Blood Heir by Amelie Wen Zhao

First of all, I was ready to read this novel when it vanished.  I was bewildered at first.  Then twitter news hit.  Really?  Do you know how many books there are out there on slavery, racism, etc.?  I could name many of them, and they're huge!  What else are you going to try to censor? This is only an attack on this author.  This is a work of fiction and for those who lashed out need to get over yourself and grow up!  Who are you to decide to ban books?  We should have a choice to decide for ourselves.  This is America, freedom of speech, and I'm getting so damn tired of what's politically correct and politically incorrect.  I'm tired of people of afraid of stepping on other toes.  It's a fiction; it's a novel.  There are other books which were way worse than this one for sure.  Oh, by the way, I'm sure half of you guys didn't read the book but decided to lash out based on reviews.
Amelia Wen Zhao, I understand you want to withdraw your book.  But please don't let the ignorant, stupidity, and blind sway your decision.  Don't let them scare you off.  If we allow them to do that, then are we going to tread on what we write or read so we won't hurt their feelings?  I genuinely hope to read your book soon.  If not, then I support your decision.  However, ill be looking forward to your other books in the future and will be helping you also.  I wish you well.
Btw, for those who disagree, don't bother telling me hateful stuff because I won't be reading them and I will not be responding to them.

Net Galley, Random House Children, and Delacorte Press thank you for the approval, but unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to read it because it won't open up for me.  I hope you continue to support this young author who was harshly and unjustified judged.  I do know for a fact that many did not read her novel but based their views on a few of the harsh reviews.

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