Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Shadow of the Fox by Pamela Gibson

First of all, there's another book out with the same title but they're by different authors and are in very different genres.

This novel is a historical novel which takes place in Southern California during the mid-1800s before and during the war between US and Mexico over the lands in California.  This is about a young woman who most people would call old maid if she's not married by a certain age.  She only wants to marry for love.  She works on the ranch with her wealthy father.  She finds out that her marriage is arranged with her father's neighbor whom she despised.  She makes plans to run away to avoid marrying the man.  She hired a man whom she's met in England at a ball which turned to be a disaster back then.  
I love the fact how the author described the areas and what was the cause of the war and anything historical.  It was very realistic. However, this book felt unfinished which leads me to believe this is a book in a series.

At this moment, I'm going to give this book  3 stars until I can finish all the books in this series.

I received this interesting ARC from Soul Mate Publishing through Net Galley. Thank you!

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