Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden

While browsing my favorite bookstore, I noticed this book just came out in December and of course, I just had to have it after reading The Bear and The Nightingale, first in this series!  I devoured it in one day.  As I recalled, it was snowing that day and I was enjoying my salted caramel hot chocolate. Here is the review I posted the next day on Goodreads in December 2017.

The moment I read the first paragraph, I fell deeper and deeper into the story, and not wanting to climb back out as the story ended.  I WANT MORE!!

The author has done it again.  She sure knows how to trap the readers in her books.  I know for a fact I’m addicted to her story!!  

As most 2nd book or sequels have bored or failed to impress me much, this did not.  I appreciated the fact that the author did not drag me down with with any extra information from the first book.  However, there were hints here and there to remind me what had happened in the first book.  She also managed to add in the fairy tales, myths, and mythical creatures flawlessly.  I love how the Russian folklore  came rushing back to forcing me to remember how I had loved reading them as a child.  

For you readers out there, you must read The Bear and The Nightingale first before reading this.  Sure you could read The Girl in The Tower first.  But you won’t appreciate the in-depth of the beautifully written story without The Bear and The Nightingale as much.   I just cannot wait for her next book to come out.

Also, I cannot wait to see what books she has in store for us.  She’s a wonderfully gifted story teller for all ages and genres.

Did I say how much I love the book?  I absolutely frikking LOVE the book!!  There, I said it!

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