Friday, November 16, 2018

Blood is Blood by Will Thomas

As the British would say, a bloody good classic detective novel!  If I heard one of them saying that, I'd agree.

It all started with an assistant who despises Mondays. Things always go wrong on that particular day of the week for him. Sure enough, he's stressing about his upcoming wedding, his office gets bombed, causing his employer to be seriously injured. While Llewelyn tries to clean up and assess the damages, his employer's long lost American brother shows up unexpectedly causing them to have a scrappiness which, in my opinion, is hilarious between a British and an American.  So far, not the greatest Monday for Llewelyn along the week following that day as he tries to come up with possible suspects who would want to harm Barker, his boss.

There have been twists and turns, and surprises which kept me on my toes.  The Scotland Yard area and London along with the buildings were pretty descriptive where I was easily lost in that era.  There is a bit of Sherlock theme going on but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

"Nobody sells snake oil like a snake."
"Could you translate that from American to English?"

"A paragon of citizenship"
"YOU do talk posh, Mr. Llewelyn." He said.

Those are just couple of many banters between Llewelyn and the American that had me cracking up as a case gets solved.

So, the question of this story is, Will this assistant be able to solve this brutal crime just in time before his wedding on his own, while his employer is laid up in the hospital recuperating?  There were so many elements thrown his way including a shocking incident which may call off his wedding for good.

Just wanted to say the title was just perfect for this novel.

I was very delighted to be kept on my toes while reading this novel.  Extremely entertaining. Imagine my delight when I found out there are other Barker and Llewelyn novels!  I intend to read those and I hope the upcoming novels of those two beloved detectives in the future.

I received this interesting ARC from St. Martin's Press through Net Galley.  Thank you!

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