Sunday, November 25, 2018

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

A month ago, I was invited to read excerpts when I signed up for Undertlined.  Intrigued, I went ahead and started reading the chapters the site offered for a couple of weeks at the time.  I was hooked at the first page. After 14 chapters, I knew I had to purchase the book.  The problem?  I had to wait until it came out in the stores.  I hate waiting! Finally got it and started reading it. This time I took my time reading it. I wanted to savor the story.
First of all, I've never heard of Brandon Sanderson until now.  I  know! I know!  You gotta understand I read LOTS of books and sci fi, fantasty and history are my favorite genres.I want to say I'm in love with Brandon, but can't because I realized I'm going to be having one of those love/hate relationships with him. Why? Because I need to back pedal to find all the books he's ever published and read them all.  If he's that good, he just might become one of my top favorite authors of all time.

Now, back to the book. Sensa, Sensa, Sensa.  What can I say about her?  All I know is this.  She's make a great role model for girls and boys if she existed in real life.

When Sensa was little, she was traumatized by her father's disappearance during the battle in his starship against the Krells. While growing up, she's forced to endure the stigma of her family while dealing with the harsh treatments from others.  She clings strongly to her belief that her father is not a defector.

Despite of all, Spensa dreams of being a starship pilot She goes through unfair treatments from others, trials, and testings.  She does not give up when all the odds were stacked up against her, except for one lone person....This is where I leave it at that.

My other favorite........who else but none other than sassy sidekick M-Bot!!  I LOVE it!
The relationship between Sensa and M-Bot reminded me a lot of Luke Skywalker and 3P0 when they first met from the original Star Wars. I can't help  but think M-Bot needs to meet his long lost cousin 3PO..

Again, the end of the novel left me hanging where I yelled NO! NO! NO!  That's unacceptable!  Now, I. Must. Wait. Til. The. Fall. Of. 2019.  (Sobs)

Seriously guys, you have got to get this book.  It draws you in right away. Fast paced, characters easily relatable, the scenes of the battles were tense as if you were actually up there with them, the emotions up and down, and so damn enjoyable!  Don't be surprised to be laughing out loud. You won't regret this.  I know I didn't except I have to wait.

I'm going to give this book 4.5 stars.

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