Friday, November 16, 2018

A True Cowboy Christmas by Caitin Crews

First of all, I'd like to say this photo of this man does not even resemble to Gray in the novel! Just sayin'!

Moving on..The beginning starts with Gray and his brothers burying their deceased abusive father on their Colorado property. Gary is one of those hardcore cowboys\ranchers type. Gary wonders about his life and how to save the land when he happens to glance up and sees his neighbor standing in his doorway and an idea forms.

Abby has been in love with Gary since forever. She's a hard worker and knows her mind.  She believes she's not beautiful thanks to her unattached mother who loved to berate her.  Abby and her grandmother happen to be Gary's neighbors for many years.

Both of them had a rough upbringing thanks to their dysfuntional family members.

Abby gets the shock of her life when Gary shows up at her house out of the blue moon, proposing her.  That had to be the longest proposal ever!  That conversation had me cracking up so hard.  After a lot of questioning and debates, they agree to go on their first date before they get married.  This would be the start of their journey of a very short date into their marriage along with Gary's teen daughter from former marriage, two brothers, and Abby's no nonsense grandmother. Gary was very set against Christmas until he learns the true meaning of Christmas.

It was an interesting love story. The author truly captured what a true cowboy\rancher is normally like.  I wouldn't mind knowing what happens to Gary's brothers and the outcome of the land in Colorful Colorado.

I'd give this book a 3 3\4 stars.

I received this ARC from St. Martin's Paperbacks through Net Galley in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.  Thank you!

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