Sunday, November 18, 2018

Christmas Revelation by Anne Perry

First of this is a Christmas novella based on Anne Perry's characters from William Monk's series.  Now, I've never read any of Anne Perry's books.  I decided to go ahead and give this novella a shot.  I'm glad I did!

The setting takes place in an English town by Thames River during pre-Victorian era.  Reminded me much of Charles Dickens novels. The story focuses on Worm, the former river rat and Squeaky, mentor (I don't know exactly what his role is. I haven't read the series yet) few days before Christmas.  Previously orphaned boy had witnessed an abduction of a young woman in abroad daylight in the streets. He wants to help but realizes he can't do it alone.  So he runs home to enlist the help of Squeaky.  Together, they begin the dangerous journey of finding this kidnapped woman.
Will they be able to save the woman and solve the mystery just in time for Christmas?
I love how Anne described the buildings, the cobblestones street, horses, carriages, clothing, Christmas style during that era. Her writing is impeccable and beautiful.
I'm going to give it a high 3 stars due to fact I'm kind of confused about the characters and how they became a family and the story was slow going with some repetive words and phrases. However, I will be reading her other books to find out more about the characters.  I may change the star rating later.

I received this delightful ARC from Random House Publishing Group/Ballatine Ballatine Books.  Thank you!

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