Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Liars' Paradox by Taylor Stevens

First of all, there's something that had me stumped.  It's the cover.  The razor with blood and rust.  I'm trying to comprehend how it ties in with the story here.  The only thing that mentioned was a quote with the wording razor's edge.  I thought maybe I had missed something so I reread it.  Same confusement.  I do like the cover.  Creative.

Moving on....

Wow! Talk about a major disfunctional family especially between the twin brother and sister.  Apparently the special bond doesn't even exist between them.  You can practically taste the different flavors of hatred and  bitterness.  Especially when it rolled off the twin girl, Jill fast and furious; understandably so. Its mostly due to the way they were raised by their ever elusive mother.  She had trained them to defend themselves 24/7 .  They  couldn't understand why  but they do it for their mother's love.  They believed that their mother didn't love them due to the fact she would drop them off at different parts of the world and be trained without hearing a word from her for days, weeks, months, even year.  
The story alternates with the siblings, mother and other people who are involved in the twins' lives at the moment.  The twins had thought their mother disillusioned until her hidden home was bombed after receiving a cryptic text from her.  This is where their wild crazy ride begins.  In order to find their mother, they need to set aside their jealousy, pettiness and differences aside to solve the mystery.  In order to do that, they must go back into the past to get clues and hints as to who their mother really is and learn their real identities.

The story was a wild roller coaster ride.  There were times I just wanted to slap Jill and tell her to grow up. There are some characters who got me confused at first where I had to go back and figure out where they came from. 
It is a fast actioned mystery.  Also it's a first book in a series.  Basically, it's called Jack and Jill Thriller.  The way it ended in this book led me to believe there will be another book after this one. I like the way the book started and ended with a bang. 
For those of you guys who like mystery (think CIA, undercover, KCG, Broker, Berlin, Florida, contracts, murder for hire, and etc)  and thriller,  different emotions, and etc, then this book is for you.  This book is a bit unique for a mystery/thriller.

I'm going to give this book a low 4 stars.

I received ARC from Kensington Corp through Net Galley and won a print from Good Reads.  Thank you!

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