Thursday, December 13, 2018

The White Christmas Inn by Colleen Wright

First of all, I'd like to say, I adore this cover!  It reminds me of home in the country!  And may I say, it's perfect for this story?  

This is the story that I actually wanted to be in!  I wanted to be at the Inn right now, admiring all the decorations, smelling all the scents of Christmas, and the cooking!  Right there in the middle of nowhere, basically with lots of snow after the blizzard. The author was speaking my language as soon as I read the first page.  I did not put the Nook down until i was done 3 hours later.  Talk about miracles of all miracles for everyone! (well except for one, but you have to read on to see what I mean!) 
If you want to experience 
the aftermath of a blizzard
an inn in the middle of the country
the cozy country feel inside of an inn
Christmas theme
Lit fireplace
Different families 
Sleigh rides
Children giggling and squealing
and much much more,
then this book is for you.  

You'll fall in love with each of the characters.  You just simply want to be part of them.  The ending was great!

I wouldn't mind reading more books by Colleen Wright. She has a way of bring bunch of characters together without confusing anyone. She can sew each square of the character's stories together effortlessly and flawlessly.

Go and get this book if you're in the mood for Christmas. It's not just romance. It's about family, friends, faith, hope, and miracles.  It'll do your soul good!  Seriously, this is one of those awesome feel good novel you'd want with cookies and hot chocolate!  You'll regret not reading it!

4 and 1/2 stars from me!

I received this wonderful ARC from Howard Books through Net Galley.  Thank you!

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