Monday, December 3, 2018

Draw and Paint Super Cute Animals by Jane Maday

First  of all, this book is the size of a large magazine.  The cover is thick.  The illustrations are simply gorgeous  from the cover to the back of the cover. There are 110 pages.

This is an excellent book to have for a beginner who's just starting out to learn to draw and paint. She goes on to explain the tools needed, type of paints, color charts, shadings, and the techniques at the beginning.

As you turn the pages, she shows step by step on drawing and painting the animals such as puppies, kittens, birds, bears, foxes, and many more.

I've noticed the author emphasizes on that "art is a learning process ."  She gives positive vibes and encourages the readers not to be dicouraged but keep trying and practice drawing .  I like the fact that the author doesn't make claim that you can magically draw like a pro in one sitting.  She truly  comes across as an professional teacher in this book.

This book would serve well to all who desires to learn and it can be used as a tool and guide from to time to all ages.

The illustrations are wonderful and pleasing to the eyes.

I won this book in a raffle from North Light Books through Bookish First.  This review is totally voluntarily submitted by me and as usual as all my reviews are unbiased and honest.

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