Saturday, February 2, 2019

Blood Heir by Amelie Wen Zhao

First of all, I was ready to read this novel when it vanished.  I was bewildered at first.  Then twitter news hit.  Really?  Do you know how many books there are out there on slavery, racism, etc.?  I could name many of them, and they're huge!  What else are you going to try to censor? This is only an attack on this author.  This is a work of fiction and for those who lashed out need to get over yourself and grow up!  Who are you to decide to ban books?  We should have a choice to decide for ourselves.  This is America, freedom of speech, and I'm getting so damn tired of what's politically correct and politically incorrect.  I'm tired of people of afraid of stepping on other toes.  It's a fiction; it's a novel.  There are other books which were way worse than this one for sure.  Oh, by the way, I'm sure half of you guys didn't read the book but decided to lash out based on reviews.
Amelia Wen Zhao, I understand you want to withdraw your book.  But please don't let the ignorant, stupidity, and blind sway your decision.  Don't let them scare you off.  If we allow them to do that, then are we going to tread on what we write or read so we won't hurt their feelings?  I genuinely hope to read your book soon.  If not, then I support your decision.  However, ill be looking forward to your other books in the future and will be helping you also.  I wish you well.
Btw, for those who disagree, don't bother telling me hateful stuff because I won't be reading them and I will not be responding to them.

Net Galley, Random House Children, and Delacorte Press thank you for the approval, but unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to read it because it won't open up for me.  I hope you continue to support this young author who was harshly and unjustified judged.  I do know for a fact that many did not read her novel but based their views on a few of the harsh reviews.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse

Three words:


This is seriously one bad ass novel I've come across in a while! If you enjoy 
Urban Fantasy 
Postapocalyptic world
Indian folklore
Indian mythology
Former reservation
Badass protagonist
Medicine man
much more

Then you're so going to enjoy this novel!  I can't believe I didn't request this from Net Galley!  What is wrong with me?  At this moment, I'm glad I purchased this compelling novel when it was on sale, and it's so worth it!  This is staying on my shelf.

Seriously, the author needs to write many novels with this gifted monster killer.  The author shouldn't have this problem because there are so many stories in folklore she can use with Maggie.
This seriously reminds me of Mad Max, and Supernatural put together with great plots, sarcasm, save the innocents, etc. Rebecca did an excellent job with the landscape, folklore, Navajo names, and much more!
You won't regret getting this novel.

Like I said I want MORE!

I'm giving this fantastic novel a low five stars.

Immortal Girls by Griffin Stark

This broke my heart.  Seriously.  I was looking forward to reading this.  Look at this gorgeous cover!  It's what caught my attention.  The synopsis got me.
With that being said, the idea and concept were great!  However, I just couldn't connect with any of the characters at all. Too short.  There were some words which were repetitive and unnecessary.  A one thousand-year-old girl acting so childish is unbelievable.  Many factors made me cringe a lot as I read on. The ending felt too rushed.  
I applaud the author for taking the courage to be self-published.  However, before being published, this book needed an editor, mentor, beta readers, and so forth for this book to be successful.  
If this book were rewritten and edited, I'd give it another shot reading it. 
I'll have to give it two stars.  I feel horrible, but I need to be truthful.

I received this self-published ARC from Net Galley, Thank you!

Stranded on Thin Ice by Sharon Cassanolochman

Oh my goodness!  There is something nostalgic about being a twelve-year-old kid, stuck between being a kid and being a teenager. It is where a circumstance or an event can force us to grow up or remain innocent...
I could not put this book down. I devoured but yet savored the story.  I was rooting, cringing, and was scared for this young hero and his friend. I was able to connect with Tanner easily from the start.
I was impressed with the author's knowledge of ice fishing and how she managed to bring it to life through a book without boring me.  I could feel the texture of the ice. I could feel the glare coming from the ice reflection; I could feel the bitter cold from the wind chill. I could feel the warmth from the little hut. I can almost feel the line in my hands from ice fishing.  The author has done it with emotions. Even though this book was short, it didn't feel short.

This is the story of ice fishing, an adventure which lasted several hours appeared to be a lifetime of these two young boys, an unlikely friendship, father and son relationship, and ingenuity.
The last two chapters.....WOW!  It is all I can say!
This book is a must for everyone of all ages and genres.

This wonderful novel gets four stars from me. 

I received this ARC from Ontario Shore Publishing LLC through Net Galley.  Thank you!

Sisters of the Fire by Kim Wilkins

The illustration of this book cover is beautiful.  I love the colors along the five females and dragon in the background. It conveyed beautifully with this story.
If you enjoy
  Fast paced actions
Strong women
Elemental Mage
Hints of romance
and of course,
Then this epic fantasy is for you if you're an adult.  Finally!  Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy YA Fantasy, but it's nice if we have adult fantasy from time to time. The author does not hold back on her awesome characters.  Raw, gritty, down to earth, bar none truths, flaws flavored them which make them impressive and realistic.

First of all, I did not know this was a second book after The Daughters of the Storm. I need to read that book to make sure I didn't miss anything crucial before the third book comes out. The story starts four years after the first book. It focuses separately on  Bluebell, Rose, Ivy, Ash, and Willow at first before intricately woven together in this magical storytelling spell.  The author managed to keep my interest in this fast-paced novel with her rich and complex characters without losing me one bit.
I practically devoured this book within a couple of hours. There were 464 pages.  I love it!  I don't know why this book isn't even pushed hard publicly.  I saw this book has a lot of high praises and high reviews rightfully so.  We need to spread the news how fantastic this book is!  I can't wait to get my hands on The Daughters of the Storm and when the next novel comes out.
Do yourself a favor,  Don't take my words for it.

At this moment, I'm going to give this magical novel a four star until I read the other two books.

I received this entertaining ARC from Del Rey through Net Galley for my honest and unbiased review. Thank you!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Waking Forest by Alyssa Wees

First of all, this illustration is gorgeous! I was drawn to it before I even read the synopsis.  After reading this novel, I'm still drawn to the cover of this book.

Where do I start? How do I begin?  This story is unique and original.  I want to say it's some form of a fairy tale retelling.  In a way it is, but in a way it isn't.  I haven't read any review on this novel yet.  I have a feeling there will be a lot of mixed reviews on this.  But you know, that's okay. Why?  Because it will be one of the most talked books of this year.  Mark my words.

What I mean by unique, this book is divided into two different stories which will throw you off.  It did throw me off at first, but I kept on because it was interesting.  The accounts held my interest.  It is a very dark fantasy novel if you're into that type of thing.   

This is not for light or fast reading.  Just take your time and enjoy it.  There is some area where it's lyrical and magical reading and some area where the writing just weird (but the one I read is an advanced reader's copy, and it's not final, so hopefully it will improve.) 

As I said, it was one of a kind and kept my interest, but it's not something I would reread in the future.
I'll give it a 3 and 3/4 stars.

Interesting, I just found out it's for YA and kids.  

I received this unique ARC from Random House Children's /Delacorte Press through Net Galley. Thank you!

Carolina of Orange-Nassau by Moniek Bloks

 Wow!  I want to say this author did an excellent job on researching on little known Dutch Royalty. I've heard of her from time to time when I read histories.  I had no idea many of the royalties descended from her across the European County.
This book was exciting and quick to read and understand. The only problem I had was to keep the family lineage and names straight.  I wish it had a royal lineage tree where I could refer to when in doubt.

 I adore history — one of my favorite subjects of all time. I almost didn't read this book because she was a princess. Truthfully, I can't stand a lot of Queens and Kings during those periods because they were selfish and in their worlds while my ancestors were murdered (beheaded and hung) or thrown in prison for their beliefs.  A couple of my ancestors were falsely accused of being witches.  They did nothing to help them or others.  

I understand why people are fascinated by Carolina because She's the "Grandmother of the European Royals (13 lineages).  Even though she died at a young age of 43 years, I don't find her that interesting.  Sure she was involved in music, children, redecorating, her young brother, etc., but what has she contributed to?  What has she done that makes her stand out.
The author was fortunate to examine and study all of her letters, along with her husband and relatives to get a clear picture of her personality and her life.  I would so dearly love to read those letters.

This book is an interesting read for a history buff.  There are famous figures there.  I would recommend to anyone who interested in royal history,

I'd give it a low four stars

I received this new ARC from Job Hunt Publishing, Ltd/ Chronos Books through Net Galley, Thank you.  I quite enjoyed this part of history!